Tuesday, June 18, 2013

TIN DRUM asiacafé, Roswell Marketplace, GA

Ser·en·dip·i·ty  ---finding something wonderful when and where it's least expected....

So went this evening's visit at TIN DRUM asiacafé: I didn't expect to experience good food at a chain restaurant: eateries where fare is humdrum, service hurried and you know ahead of time that what you're served never looks as good as the picture on the menu.

TIN DRUM dashed my (bad) attitude with a small cup of coconut soup. 

Hong Kong native Steven Chan is the founder and brainchild behind this Asian fusion cafe. Designed to reflect the bustling street food scene of Chan's hometown and and his training as an architect, the place is edgy-industrial and lively. 

The casual menu takes a somewhat non-traditional approach to Indian, Chinese, Thai, Japanese and Vietnamese food. It's a good way to introduce these cuisines to diners who might  be intimidated by more traditional places and not willing to drop a bundle on food they aren't sure they'd enjoy. It's a good way to enjoy these cuisines if you're strapped for time, on a budget and want to eat good food Now. They do a terrific job.

We happily tasted 7 of the entrees and appetizers. All of it was very good. Some of it was wonderful.

First up: that soup. Thai Coconut Soup---a slightly salty, slightly sweet blend of coconut milk, sweet Thai chili, lemon grass & fish sauce with slivered green onion and mushroom. I could have gulped down a gallon of that stuff and called it a day.  Make this a must have.

Crab and Cheese Roll---I'm not usually a fan of cream cheese spiked sea food, but this was nicely done: light flaky pastry wrapped around a crabmeat-cream cheese stuffing. Nicely fried, not a bit oily, sweet and sour sauce for dipping. I loved the presentation: it screamed street food....a small round metal plate with a square of brown parchment and a tiny cup for the sauce. Cute.

Panko Shrimp Taco---This was my favorite and it is so representative of what this menu is all about. Steamed white rice topped with panko coated fried shrimp, slaw, cilantro, slivered scallions and cucumber-wasabi sauce nicely presented in a flour tortilla. This is truly fusion on a plate; I Ioved it. Again, my compliments to the Chef handling the deep fryer: You rock! Not a drop of oily and shrimp fried to perfection.

Pad Woon Sen [glass noodles]---I wanted to love this. I just liked it. It needed something more; green onions, crushed peanuts, some broth, sesame seed oil....I'd order this again, because I adore noodle bowls, and ask them to add stuff. 

TIN DRUM Curry---Yes, yes, yes!  Lovely, slightly spicy, slightly sweet curried chicken layered over a pile of fresh, crisp baby spinach leaves. Ask for some extra sauce. 

Tikka Masala---an Indian curry dish. If you want heat, order this. Everyone loved it. My thought: it suffered from too much cinnamon. 

Mango Stir Fry---chicken, mango, sweet chili sauce, onion, jalapenos. Hmm, I'm gonna sound picky, but here I go: Chef's knife skills need a little help. The pieces of mango and chicken were cut too large and unevenly. The beauty of Asian fare is attention to detail; precise bite size cuts are important. This reminded my of my sweet beautiful son---big clunky feet, he's like Ferdinand in a china shop. Ya wanna love him, ya gotta love him......

Some notes:
Tin Drum also offers a gluten free menu, all chicken is natural from humanely raised fowl and tofu is organic. Tin Drum is rated a "Healthy Place to Eat" and there's free WiFi.

Our dinner was a hosted event for Atlanta bloggers. We enjoyed the wonderful hospitality of Publicist Charles Rohling and Tin Drum Marketing Manager Elisa Gumbel. It was a delight and a pleasure to meet you both and thank you! for hosting us and Charles for your excellent service. Once a server, always...you did a great job!

Roswell Marketplace is Tin Drum's 13th location in Atlanta.

Also at the table: Ms. Sucheta Rawal --- go eat give
                              Ms. Emily Allred --- Spatialdr i f t

Read theTIN DRUM story....http://tindrumcafe.com/story

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