Thursday, July 4, 2013

Corny Stuff

A friend's Father died early this morning on the break of our Independence Day celebration. I didn't know him well but I know his daughter and she is a 'Full of Life Gal' and from what I gather he was the same. All of this thinking segued to my own Father and how he also charged through life.  Also a full of life man, a big man with a big personality who had big appetites...especially when it came to food. 

If Daddy traveled the first stories you'd hear from him were about what he ate. I giggle sometimes thinking of his tales. But my best Daddy food story is about how he ate corn.

Most of us pick up the cob and gnaw...either around and round or from stem to tip. Daddy used a fork. He'd poke it into one end of the cob and lever the kernels neatly and methodically from one long end to another. When all of the golden goodies were removed from the cob and piled on his plate he'd take the same fork and dine heartily. I've tried, lots of times, to lever corn from the cob with a fork. I've never succeeded like Daddy did. I usually end up ripping corn kernels in half and leaving most of them sitting in the cob and then have to gnaw like usual. 

Now, here I go, I segue again. More about Daddy and corn. There were rules. Buy it from a local farmer when it's in season. Don't shuck it until you're ready to eat it but don't keep it too long. Corn starts loosing deliciousness the minute it's picked and shucking it before you cook it drains flavor and sweetness and dries it out. Cook it over a hot grill...shucked on not.  (soak it if it's not shucked). But, the husk adds flavor it you leave it unshucked. Don't boil it. If you can't grill it, steam it. But whatever you do, don't cook it 'til it's too soft. Corn is supposed to be little al dente.

So now I've come full circle. As I think about my Daddy I also think about friend Donna's Daddy Hugo. May you two excellent Daddies rest peacefully thinking about good food and the daughters who love you and dine to your memory.  

Baruch dayan emet