Sunday, May 13, 2012

Eating the Weekend

There was a lot of visiting this weekend. For Saturday, Son and family joined a neighborhood wide tag sale and a pot luck back yard dinner followed. For Mother's Day we visited my Daughter-in-law's family where another food laden table waited.

The neighborhood outdid themselves.....
I love these kinds of get togethers where everyone brings a favorite dish and the table ends up groaning under the weight of it all. I love that I get to taste good old fashioned home cooking and can graze the table trying lots of different things.

Chicken kabobs hot off the grill, juicy with just the perfect char

Fruit salad with lots of watermelon, grapes, canteloupe & crisp green apples

No ordinary lasagna...light as air pasta, sausagey and cheesy, it arrived with extra sauce
There were some standouts among all that food and one something I'd never tried before. A neighbor's Dad grilled up some perfectly seasoned chicken burgers and topped them with a spicy tomato-corn salsa. Amazing! I wanted to take a picture of one but they disappeared before they could even hit the platter.

Artichokes to die for...I sat right next to this pan...lightly steamed, stuffed, then baked

Eat on Long Island. Thank you for two most delicious days.