Sunday, August 22, 2010


At last, I can finally come out of my closet. No, I am not writing about sexual orientation. I am writing about meat. Red Meat. Meat from the Angus, Brangus, Hereford and Charolais. Grilled, rare, reddish-pink on the inside and running with juices.

No longer considered Bad Food, meat is in vogue again and I am delighted. I can eat it again with impunity and without embarrassing----or have to wince in front of-----my vegetarian friends.

The resurgence is almost startling as we are also in the throes of a food revolution demanding healthier food, farm to table food, locally grown food, organic food.

How does this reconcile? Well, I don’t exactly know. But, I will tell you, it makes me happy to find a half dozen restaurants (in this city alone!) specializing in the burger and another place where the whole animal---literally everything from nose to tail----is deliciously presented and heartily enjoyed.

Ah, the carnivore is acceptable again. How delectable to be decadent once more.

Atlanta’s Meaty Winners----My Short List:

Farm Burger, W. Ponce in Decatur

Do not be discouraged by the cramped parking lot or the line you might find. Chalk it up to part of the experience and visit while you wait. 100% grass fed beef cooked by a chef who decides when the pink inside is just right. And, it is always just right: burgers that taste just like burgers should; delicious, juicy, meaty, perfect. There are plenty of toppings and sides to choose from: I love their grilled onions and special sauce. My friend raves about the salty-crispy sweet potato fries.

Fat Matt’s Rib Shack, Piedmont Avenue, NE Atlanta

Another place with limited parking and lines, which I promise you will easily forgive and forget once you sit, are served and eat. Fat Matt's is an Atlanta institution and has been around for 2 decades. The meat on the ribs is so tender it literally falls off the bone. Sauce is sweet and vinegary with extra served on the side; there’s also chicken and chopped pork sandwiches. But, for me, the ribs, the ribs only. Sides include hot roasted peanuts and thick rich baked beans. Blues music adds to the fun.

Morton’s of Chicago, Peachtree Street, Downtown

There is nowhere else where you can find a better prime steak served in wood-paneled luxury. I like mine grilled Pittsburgh style to a pinky-red medium rare. Morton's Downtown does it to perfection. Pair that with a side of lyonaisse potatoes and the creamed spinach; wash it down with a glass of pinot noir. Now, that’s steak.

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