Tuesday, June 28, 2011


It’s almost one hundred years since Titanic struck that iceberg and sent thousands and itself to the bottom of the sea. While we may shudder recalling the icy demise of so many, I also think about the fabulous last meal they enjoyed before their end. They were certainly well fed and well wined.

Ten courses of exquisitely complicated foods (served with an equal number of paired wines) set out on fine English porcelain made just for the ship.

I stumbled across the menu a few days ago and marveled at the quantity of food consumed at one sitting....how did they possibly manage; especially the ladies in all their whale bone corsets? And that was the norm for every meal! I wondered. Could I eat that much at one sitting with a different wine for each course? Better, yet, could I reproduce that menu? Do I want to do a Julie type job on Titanic’s Last Menu? You bet I do!

I’m going to try one course at a time and my (now) unsuspecting friends are about to eat really really well.  I will not, however, do as Julie did and prepare the menu in order. I will, instead, begin with a food I adore: Salmon. It was presented with mouseline sauce and cucumber (and I hope their fish was poached, ‘cause that’s what mine is going to be).

Stay tuned….pictures, recipes, odd moments (and I'm certain a few disasters) to come.


  1. They weren't very big on formatting back then, were they? Good luck!

  2. Salmon? None for me, thanks... :-)

  3. I'll take Stuart's salmon, Leslie. ..Yum!
    Sounds like a fun/delicious mission to go forth with! :)))