Monday, November 29, 2010


I am food obsessed and everyone who knows me knows that. And a few months ago, I took my obsession a step further and started to write about it. At first, it was a good idea and then, after I started, I wondered, “Who cares?”

So I started checking what the blog site calls my dashboard, counting the “hits”, watching for remarks and blog generated email. People were reading what I wrote: one day there were over a hundred visits and a friend (Bless Him!) told me he shares all my recipes with people at work. They actually look forward to reading what I write.

Now I’m a monster with fantasies of becoming the newest Mark Bittman, Ruth Reichl and MFK Fischer dancing in my head. Then I wake myself up and snap out of it. Still Me in the mirror with the messy kitchen and the latest food disaster in my garbage.

But that has got to count for something. Not everyone grows up to be Top Chef Master, Escoffier or Julia. Most of us just muddle along to become above adequate cooks who enjoy feeding ourselves and others. There have got to be us hidden gems out there in the great unknown, unsung and unpaid. Yep, I am serving a purpose after all. I am one of The Little Ones, a very happy foil to all of The Great Ones.

Nothing wrong with that.

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