Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Wedding Bell Blues

I am not ashamed. I will admit it. I could not wait to see pictures of Chelsea's wedding. And when I finally did, I was in awe. That dress was to die for. She looked beautiful and even Hillary, not always the standard of fashion, was dressed and coiffed to kill. 

But there were no pictures or mention of the food and I am so disappointed. Knowing the bride to be gluten intolerant and a sometime vegan, I was expecting to read about a menu that rivaled the dress; a Vera Wang-like creation of gustatory elegance, Eastern refinement and cutting edge creativity. The last word in foodom. A new artisanal standard. 

Alas, nothing. No hint of crostini or peek at some fondant. No locally sourced, seasonally appropriate anything. I am crushed. The despair! (Did they eat?)


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  1. Hear hear! I too was eagerly awaiting all the juicy details of Chelsea's wedding and am disappointed at seeing the endless loop of the same 4 photos that were released. Is it possible the Clintons issued a gag order on the caterers and planners even post-event? Gah! No fun at all. I want details!